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"Murphy was an optimist!"

* Decided to take the 13 yr old, the 20 mth old, t… January 31, 2004 9:20 pm

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* Decided to take the 13 yr old, the 20 mth old, the wife and myself to Old Navy and buy the kids some clothes. The 13 yr old of course stays in the car knowing that most shopping he finds boring and usually ends in disaster. I think he simply gets over stimulated by the crowds, the lights, the noise (particularly the noise), and entirely too much information to process at once. In this way, he and I are very similar. There are times that I just have to get away from that kind of environment.

* After shopping, (we forgot to go in the pet store) we headed to Texas Roadhouse to discover a 45-50 minute wait..this is Knoxville of course – land of more restaurants than people but somehow they are always a 45-50 minute wait..except for IHOP which had immediate seating and knows us by name. Not only KNOWS us by name but knows when the baby was born!

Stupid Tech Support This is a long read so don’t try to do it at once. The next time you are on hold with some level 1 tech support person reading from a script, read some of these and remember you are not alone!

Now enjoy some great warning labels like “Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand.” — In the manual for a Swedish chainsaw.

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