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News – Environmental February 24, 2004 9:50 am

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Climate Change Linked to Civilization Collapse What goes first? Society or the planet?

Two scientists have linked climate variations to the collapse of societies around the globe. Sometimes slight, sometimes intense, … the changes were enough to forever alter the lifestyles of the people living under changed conditions. …

An article in a 1995 issue of Nature pointed to drought as one cause of the demise of the Maya civilization. Its writers argued that internal factors, including population growth and environmental degradation, worked with climate change and led to the Maya collapse. …

The worst case scenerio … is if the world does not make any changes in its activities—inaction that would cause an 11-degree temperature change. “That would have some pretty horrific implications,” he said. …

Juggler: Horrific like no more shuffling snow or having to bundle the kids up so much they look like the Stay Puff marshmellow man.

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