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Tech Doctor July 4, 2004 11:16 pm

Posted by djuggler in : Daily Life
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This is a good definition of what should be in the tech doctor’s black bag when on call. Mine is a bit different but similar.

The Super Utils CD is usually a roll-your-own project these days. I just use it in its 4 or more CDs in CD wallet form:

1. ebcdpro cd.

2. latest Norton Systemworks CD (older versions optional)

3. Partition Magic 8.0 CD

4. Windows 2000 Resource Kit


5. latest Knoppix CD (comes in handy now and then).

6. Windows 98 Resource Kit (depwalkr.exe, especially)– mostly for recovery of consumer computers.

7. Ghost, if the Systemworks CD is not an Enterprise or Pro version.

8. Drive Image if Ghost not handy.

PM on floppy, DI on floppy, Rescue Floppy set from SystemWorks are also handy tools if used VERY CAREFULLY (especially the systemworks rescue set).

John Danielson.

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