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"Murphy was an optimist!"

Beast Boys and Dixie Chicks July 7, 2004 9:40 am

Posted by djuggler in : Daily Life
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Somehow judging by the Beast Boys latest lyrics I think they will not be voting for Bush.

It Takes Time To Build lyrics

If you don’t like the news then press eject

Baby Davis getting older can’t take a rain check

It’s time to let’em know what we expect

Stop building SUV’s strung out on OPEC

Hold up wait up you know we come correct

You wanna change things up, well hey just get set

It’s easier to sit back than stick out your neck

It’s easier to break things than build it correct

We’ve got a president we didn’t elect

The Kyoto treaty he decided to neglect

And still the US just wants to flex

Keep doin’ that wop we gonna break our necks

It takes a second to wreck it

It takes time to build

You gots to chill

Hate filled people wanna keep us in check

Tearin’ down each other is what they expect

If you want love well hey that’s a bet

We’ve got to give before we can get

Waiting like a batter who is on deck

When it’s time to wreck shop then shop I’ll wreck

So let’s calibrate and check our specs

We need a little shift on over towards the left

I don’t really know but I suspect

I think it’s due time that we inspect

How they get their information and their facts are checked

Another press conference someone’s talking out their neck

It takes a second to wreck it

It takes time to build

You gots to chill

So step up to the window and place your bets

Is the US gonna keep breaking necks

Maybe it’s time that we impeach Tex

And the military muscle that he wants to flex

By the time Bush is done what will be left

Selling votes like E-pills at the discotheque

Environmental destruction and the national dept

But plenty of dollars left in the fat war chest

What the real deal why you can’t connect

Why you hating people that you never met

Didn’t your mama teach you to show some respect?

Why not open your mind for a sec?

It takes a second to wreck it

It takes time to build

You gots to chill

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