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Money or Not October 20, 2004 6:57 am

Posted by djuggler in : Daily Life
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The makers of Hot or Not (worksafe. No nudity. Just pictures of guys and girls and you rate them) [for those of you seeking nudity, its Flash Your Rack that is not safe for work] Anyhow, I stumbled across Vote or Not to see that they are giving away $100,000. The form was so simple that I had to try to figure out why and that’s when I found out it was by the Hot or Not founders. Their FAQ. Important note from their faq “Anyone entering more than once will be disqualified.” If you Click this link for Vote or Not and sign up AND win, I also win $100,000.

Whois.org reveals other rating sites as:

GoRateMyBody.com (dead link)

IRateMyBoss.com (dead link)

IRateMyTeacher.com (dead link)

…wow this list is huge (over 2000 sites)! Let’s move to live links.

You have everything from

RateMyArt.com work safe

to RateMyCar.com work safe

to RateMyCamelToe.com nudity- not safe for work!

to some really disgusting ones. I just can’t list these.

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