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The Show

So my strange feelings toward the show were more premonitory than nerves. We get comfortable with our lives. We have routine and exceptations of order and performance. I expect my juggling gear to be in its place and my show to basically be prepackaged. I can pretty much grab my bag at a moments notice and be ready to do a 30-45 minute show.

During sound check I discovered my mic had be crushed. The resulting short meant brief spurts of audio followed by unbearable speaker popping crackling.

I did the best I could but my current show is based more on cornball humor than juggling talent. Hopefully this was the inspiration I needed to develop a purely visual show which would be more physically challenging where my current show is more mentally exhausting. Regardless, I had a good time and the audience seemed to have a good time also I as received many good words after the show.

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