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Curious Murder February 10, 2006 5:03 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : News, Of Interest
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Why? I’ll reprint in full:

Two men have been charged with the first-degree murder of CURIOUS GEORGE co-author ALAN J SHALLECK in Florida.

The 76-year-old writer was found stabbed to death under a pile of garbage bags outside his home in Boynton Beach on Tuesday (07FEB06).

Police found a trail of blood leading from Shalleck’s body to his trailer home and found blood splattered all over the master bedroom, as well several knives and broken glass.

REX SPEARS DITTO, 29, and VINCENT PUGLISI, 54, were arrested on Wednesday (08FEB06) and have confessed to home invasion, murder and robbery, according to police.

Shalleck co-wrote the popular Curious George books with MARGARET REY since the 1970s, after the death of original creator HA REY in 1977.

The big screen version of Curious George, which features the voices of DREW BARRYMORE and WILL FERRELL, hit US cinemas today (10FEB06).

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