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Simple is never simple May 21, 2006 12:13 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : ColdFusion, Daily Life, PHP, Programming, Technology
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So I take on two quickie low cost, fast turn around projects and they are eating me alive!

The first is a ColdFusion reporting project that is simply supposed to take the existing statistics report and produce a chart using CFChart. Works fine on my CFMX6.1 development server but apparently IIS6 and CF7.1 don’t play nice when it comes to CFChart. The problem is with IIS but Adobmedillare has been kind enough to release a hot fix that doesn’t work. "This hot fix explicitly generates HTTP headers before the chart data."

The second simple project is a PHP COTS shopping system (x-cart) that needs some customization. Only, it’s not using PHP per se. The customizations are all done using SMARTY. The challenge with programming, particularly web application programming, is constantly having to learn new languages/frameworks/methodoligies and being able to turn work like its old hack.

Using this simple CFChart example works in CF6.1 and fails in CF7.01 even after the hot fix.

   <cfchartseries type="pie">
      <cfchartdata item="New car sales" value="50000">
      <cfchartdata item="Used car sales" value="25000">
      <cfchartdata item="Leasing" value="30000">
      <cfchartdata item="Service" value="40000">

Anyone have extra tickets for CFUnited? I’d love to go this year but can’t justify the cost of the event.

UPDATE: Just tried the ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 Cumulative Hot Fix 2 with no luck. Note the hot fix advises:

Any individual hot fixes previously installed that are now contained in this cumulative hot fix should be removed.

we recommend always using the latest version of the cumulative hot fix

In short, remove any previous *.jars and only install the latest fix.

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2. tim - May 26, 2006

if you ask me sounds like you can’t afford not to go
invest in yourself doug!

3. djuggler - May 26, 2006

Actually, that’s good logic!