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"Murphy was an optimist!"

The Hanso Foundation has been updated! May 22, 2006 6:22 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life, Lost, Of Interest, TV / Movies
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Peter Thompson profile updated.

Born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1959, Peter Thompson earned degrees from Loyola University and The University of Chicago Law School before embarking on a successful career as a corporate attorney – until a lifetime of smoking left Thompson with an impossible prognosis: inoperable lung and pancreatic cancer.

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1. newscoma - May 22, 2006

I really enjoy all of your Lost updates. Thanks for the effort that you put into it.
Good show, and good blog.

2. djuggler - May 22, 2006

Thanks! There’s some fun stuff I want to do with Lost. I just need a month off 🙂