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Work Complete! May 23, 2006 2:19 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : ColdFusion, Daily Life, Programming, Technology
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I just finished a fun piece of code for a client. In addition to web server logs, they have a prioprietary advertising campaign tracker. They needed data aggregated and queries optimized which was phase 1 and included some MS SQL stored procedure magic, queries of queries (ColdFusion), and manually creating query result sets.

Phase II was to minimize the amount of text presented, show results in graphs, and create a way for an advertising client to view only their data. Fortunately, ColdFusion comes through with a fancy tag called CFChart and after the server configuration was debugged, graphs appeared. Then text on the screen was hidden using CSS (and I’m really starting to use and enjoy the cascading aspect of css) and made to appear through JavaScript.

Since some charts show way too much data, a form was added to filter the data and only show lines on the graphs that are relevant to the end user’s needs.

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