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Rush Limbaugh held UP for 3 1/2 hours June 27, 2006 8:15 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : News, Of Interest
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It’s hard for me to comment on this without laughing.

Customs officials found in Limbaugh’s luggage a prescription bottle labeled as Viagra, a prescription drug that treats erectile disfunction, Miller said.

“The problem was that on the bottle itself was not his name, but the name of two Florida doctors,” Miller said.

This is certainly going to get a rise out of the left while leaving the right a little hard up. Viagra’s official website. Some more at Daily KOS.

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1. Latte Man - June 27, 2006

Of course if this was a “normal person” and not Limbaugh, this would revoke the plea agreement he made last month and send him to jail for his pain pill prescription debacle.

Also his attorney Roy Blacks “explaination” is a problem as well. He had it done in his name for privacy? Sorry, I don’t think there is a privacy “exception” in drug law. Especially for a man that was doing that exact same thing in order to conceal his original drug problem.