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Seeking feedback on phones August 4, 2006 3:14 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life, Gadgets, Technology
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I have to decide between the following phones. Any input?

I’ve linked each to a nice C|Net review that includes a short video of the phone.

Update: Chose the LG C2000 because for its purpose it is simply a value that could not be beat. The Nokia 6102i was the runner up and had Cingular not screwed me on rebates (to the tune of $200) in the past I might have considered it. After excluding the features of Nokia 6102i that would not be used it pretty much matched the features set of the LG C2000 for $80 more.

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1. Dean - August 6, 2006

It is funny shopping for a phone… When I got my cell phone, I got one step up from the free phone. It’s a nice phone, but not crazy with a camera and video and music, etc… Our friend’s son asked why I didn’t get a camera phone and I said it was about $80 more for a feature I won’t use and he said, “but it’s a camera phone.” Amazing how our perspectives change over time.

2. djuggler - August 6, 2006

I actually value the camera in the phone. So often an opportunity comes up and I can snap the picture and immediately send it online. I enjoy that. I only wish the phone was of better quality. Even 3megapixel would be nice.