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My next business venture! Microwaved people.


Anyone want to help me put a Capsule Inn near every major airport?

A typical Capsule Hotel is composed of two major sections; a public lounge space including bathing, and the other is a private space where the sleeping rooms (capsules) are arranged. The actual sleeping room is a capsule unit made of reinforced plastic and designed in the image of a jet airplane’s cockpit. In the capsule unit, all the required amenities are provided; TV, radio, alarm clock, adjustable lighting… almost everything is provided! Every device is within your reach and you can control everything in a sleeping position.

Unfortunately, men and women sleep on separate floors. Looks like intimacy is out in this intimate environment anyway. I think it would be like having sex in an MRI (yes, there are pictures available). "Sleep at Capsule Inn! It’s like the morgue, just with windows."

One thought on “My next business venture! Microwaved people.

  1. Yeah, I heard about these things being the rage in Japan about a decade ago or so.
    No thanks.

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