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Do you dance with the Crazy Frog? January 5, 2007 9:55 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Amy, Daily Life, Evan, Family, Publishing, Video
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Are you familiar with The Annoying Thing? If not, you should watch the Crazy Frog Axel F video (2m 51s). Noah fell in love with this video a year ago and played it over and over and over. He’d get his boogie on and bounce, smile huge and laugh! Turns out The Annoying Thing has been highly marketed. There are music cds. There are all sizes of stuffed animals and animatronics. There are karoke microphones and radios. There are games and pencils and books. This Crazy Frog is a crazy phenomena.

In 1997, 17-year-old Swede Daniel Malmedahl recorded himself impersonating the sounds produced by internal combustion engines. …
In late-2000, Malmedahl’s fellow Swede Erik Wernquist encountered the sound effect and was inspired to create the 3D animation “The Annoying Thing” to accompany it. …
In 2004, the Germany based Jamba! group (ultimately owned by VeriSign) licensed the animation and sound for distribution as a mobile phone ringtone. …

As a parent, toys with noise become evil. Acid leaking batteries abound and are hidden away for years in unsuspecting places. A burning desire for a simple wooden toy or anything that does not have an on/off switch develops and such toys become legend and things of myth. Even puzzles and books squawk, squeak, and talk to you now. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I like to walk through the toy store and simultaneously set off as many as possible of those obnoxious dolls with the tags that plead "try me now!" Nothing brings more pleasure than seeing an whole aisle of bouncing, gibbering furballs. Secretly I know that some parent will thank me when it goes silent just a little sooner than it would have otherwise. What you as a parent may not know, and I only found out a few days ago, is that those toys are (rather could be) operating in "demo" mode and that if you look near the battery compartment under the fur, you may find a switch that really turns the toy on for more fun, longer and varied annoying noises.

I can see my kids producing a video like these guys! There are some tasteless people out there in those comments. Online people should seriously follow the rule of "if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all."

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1. Cathy - January 5, 2007

I like Molly trying to lick the chocolate off Evan’s face, getting shoved and finally being let outside.

2. jeni - January 5, 2007

Doug…thanks for the layout change. I really like it a lot! Much easier on the eyes.

3. jeni - January 5, 2007

Amy and Evan have some serious moves!

4. djuggler - January 5, 2007

The other layout was supposed to be temporary while I wrote my own. Now this can be the new temporary layout while I write my own. 🙂

5. djuggler - January 5, 2007

Noah gets good an jiggy too. Sarah is too cool to dance and Tommy doesn’t dance.