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Backup! I need backup! January 17, 2007 9:05 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Uncategorized
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Multimedia message

Why would 1 van need 8 police cars with lights flashing? The picture only shows four cars but there were four more.

Looked like a scene from the Blues Brothers.

Update: Word around the church is that the van was carrying 3 ladies that were high speed chased after shoplifting from Walmart.

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1. Barry - January 17, 2007

Did you see someone who looks like Keifer Sutherland anywhere nearby? If so, it’s time to head for the hills…

2. Cathy - January 17, 2007

Maybe they got that much response because it’s the shouldn’t-be-in-office Sheriff’s church? Did a helicopter hover overhead?

3. djuggler - January 17, 2007

I never looked up.

4. dancediva - January 17, 2007

Watch out. . . the guys in the van are probably bloggers!

5. Cathy - January 17, 2007

ooooo, must. not. make. snarky. comment.

6. dancediva - January 17, 2007

Sorry, only meant to allude to the previous blog about Guantanamo! 🙂