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"Murphy was an optimist!"

I got frowned at today March 14, 2007 10:16 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life, Travel
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So I’m driving Amy to school. Tommy has just been dropped at the high school and Evan and Molly are in the car with Amy and me. I have no idea how fast I am driving. It’s comfortable and within my capabilities. I am probably doing 60 mph on a 40 mph road that should have a 50 mph speed limit. (for the locals, that’s the road behind Walmart that connects the Interstate to Middlebrook) As I signal to change lanes and check my mirrors I see a police cruiser flying up on my rear so I turn off my signal, center back up in the right lane, and let my foot off the gas. He doesn’t pass so I look down to check my speed. Roughly 53 mph. Blast! I’m not sure I have the registration paperwork on the car and I know the registration stickers were never put on the license plate. I let gravity and wind resistance slow the car to 45 mph. He doesn’t light me up and we are approaching the intersection where I need to turn left so I signal and change lanes. He pulls up beside me, matches speed, and frowns. I smile and wave. He goes right. I go left. Thank you for your kindness Mr. Officer!

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1. Cathy - March 14, 2007

Now you’ve been frowned at twice.

2. jonathan hickman - March 14, 2007

And laughed at once.

Actually laughed with, I guess, but that doesn’t have the same parallel structure.

3. Carmom - March 14, 2007

Just don’t do that here. I got a ticket two weeks age and it was a doozy. I actually cost me more than the one your mother-in-law got speeding in a school zone.