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Blog Meetup April 20, 2007 8:37 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Announcements, Blog, Daily Life, Of Interest, Publishing
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Brian Hornback blogs the Beard to West rezoning

It is always a little nerve wracking and exciting to meet fellow bloggers in person. At last night’s school rezoning meeting I was identified "You’re the juggler!" and an instant connection was created! It was nice being able to identify other bloggers as well. To walk into this room of strangers and see Brian Hornback was somewhat comforting; here was someone I had never spoken to in person but knew well through print. Blogs create bonds and connections that simply would not exist under other circumstances.

On this Saturday, April 21 at 6pm, bloggers will be meeting at Calhouns West (Kingston Pike and Pellissippi) for good conversation and eats. I hope someone rented the upstairs this time!

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1. BH - April 20, 2007

It was great meeting you. This is an interesting process/issue and emotions are running high. This is close to the OCR deseg days in the early 90’s

I will continue to be reading you and Thanks for the comments. I am glad to know some people are at least neutral about me. I really try to be a good guy, most of the time. lol.