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Support Microsoft September 19, 2008 11:41 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Cool Sites, Of Interest
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You can get your mugshot on the big screen in Times Square by saying "I’m a PC and …." if you want to support Microsoft by participating in their counter ads to Apple’s famous "I’m a Mac" ads.

I personally would like to see every participant holding an apple, biting into an apple, or have the Apple logo somewhere in the shot. I think I’ll record, "I’m a PC because Steve Jobs won’t send me a free Macbook Pro."

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1. Missybw - September 19, 2008

I’m a PC because “The Bob is cheap and won’t let me get a new Macbook for BlogHer so I’ll be like all the cool kids”. Oh and there’s that whole “I’m not employed” thing too, but we’re not talking about that.

2. Doug McCaughan - September 19, 2008

I’m a PC because my hardware is 10 years old and 10 years ago only artists used Macs.