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Let’s talk about breasts April 8, 2009 10:09 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life, Family, Of Being Dad
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I have 5 finicky eaters and 3 pounds of thawed chicken breasts. I could go with my old fallback Cheat’s Coronation Chicken but really that doesn’t thrill 3 of the 7 of our clan. I’ve marinated bite sized pieces in olive oil and seasonings then cooked it over oil in a skillet and mixed it with flavored rice for a chicken and rice dish that goes over okay. Simply slathering it in BBQ sauce and grilling it with sides of vegetables gets eaten but seems boring to me. Maybe I need to shred it and make BBQ chicken sandwiches. What’s your favorite child friendly chicken dish?

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1. Morgan - April 8, 2009

You could do some kind of terayaki chicken skewers. Or how about enchiladas, are those “child friendly”?

I tried a recipe in which you cook and shred the chicken, mix it with a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup, a chopped onion, a cup or so of salsa, maybe some sour cream, roll it in tortillas and pop it in the oven covered with cheese. I rather like it.

2. paula - April 8, 2009

roll the chicken in a mixture of taco seasoning & flour, throw in a crock pot with some green & red pepper & a jar of salsa add some chicken stock for moisture and slow cook it. serve it up with some refried beans & tortillas yummy stuff

3. Doug McCaughan - April 8, 2009

Both sound delicious! And yes I think enchiladas are child friendly. Thanks!

4. sharon mccaughan - April 8, 2009

You could purchase the oven bags and follow the recipes enclosed or you could take the kids to a chicken farm and let them witness the stuff I grew up with. My neighbor raised chickens and would you know what to the you know what stage. First you have to catch them. That was fun. The other was not so much. Then I learned how to pluck the feathers and carve the bird. I could never get the handle on deboning a fish. Go figure. I will seriously send you some delicious recipes soon.

5. Doug McCaughan - April 8, 2009

OOOkkay. That did it. Ya just pushed me over the line to vegetarianism. Poor Noah is going to starve!