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What does this symbol mean? May 6, 2009 10:09 am

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Tree with a moon.

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Update: I had a wonderful response to this question here, on Twitter, and at Utterli! It appears that the symbol is the state symbol for the Palmetto State – South Carolina. In researching TN’s state symbol, I’ve discovered it is an elephant stomping on two halves of a broken donkey.

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1. brian brinley - May 6, 2009

south carolina state flag.

2. Doug McCaughan - May 6, 2009

So these are South Carolinians who have moved to Knoxville? They seem to be all over the place.

3. Missybw - May 6, 2009

Mine looks like a Martini with the Palm Tree and Moon… becz. I’m such a HHI nut.

4. Barry - May 6, 2009

I see those a lot around town. I wonder what Tennessee’s symbol is? A mountain? Big Orange “T”? Smokey?

5. Doug McCaughan - May 6, 2009

I think it’s an elephant stomping on two halves of a broken donkey.

6. Jeni - May 7, 2009

South Carolina is second in the nation (next to Texas) at promoting the state logo in this case the state flag. You should see it here – every color, print, and sport, etc. It’s really something.

7. Jeni - May 7, 2009

PS South Carolina is also called the Palmetto State – Palmetto Palm trees.