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I don’t think people know how to use the Internet May 27, 2009 4:08 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Technology
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I was just looking at my stats today. They are fairly unremarkable as usual. 9 people today used a search engine to find Reality Me by searching for "naked women" and 3 people used a search engine to find Reality Me by searching for "naked females cutting tree chainsaw" for a total of 12 people mistakenly thinking this is good place for finding naked pictures of women. Somehow, of these 12 people, 14* actually ended up at 32 naked women with chainsaws which is a textual, not pictorial, post simply linking to a art piece with 5 women composited into looking like 32 women are wearing only boots and hardhats while cutting up a fallen pine tree. Here’s why I think people don’t know how to use the Internet: Of those 14 people, only 2 actually clicked through to the picture. So here’s my conclusion: a large number of people think using the Internet consists of doing a Google search and clicking on the link Google gives you and never going any deeper. So, if that is true, how should our web design/site presentation change? This seems to imply that typical hyperlinks don’t make sense to common users.

*These numbers are based on the WordPress Stats plugin and not a detailed analysis of the server logs.

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1. Danny - May 27, 2009

It’s possible that sample is only representative of the naked-ladies-with-chainsaws-seeking subgroup of Internet users.

Admittedly, that may be a large subgroup.

2. Doug McCaughan - May 27, 2009

Good call! I did forget to consider the demographic.