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Weekend Project – Water heater

Electricity to water heater turned off.
Water to house turned off.
Upstairs faucets opened.
Apparently we own new cake pans.
Downstairs faucets opened.
Draining washing machine.
Ah, perhaps we should want to scrub the floor while we are doing this.
Downstairs faucets closed.
Upstairs faucets closed.
Water to house turned off.

Stand turned for a repeat performance shortly.

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But one goal today

Truth be told, I have many goals today. Two major professional goals and many personal goals.

But for the moment, I have but one goal. Nothing else matters. The house can burn down around me and I won’t stop. A client has reported a problem that I simply cannot reproduce. So my immediate goal, no matter how long it takes, is to reproduce that issue. That is all.