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Pineapple Bacon and Cheese Toast

With Judith’s great recipe posts as my inspiration, I decided to post some pictures of one of my favorite quick and tasty breakfasts. I woke one morning in my early teens to the smell of bacon cooking and watched my father make this. Never being one to shy away from trying new foods I chowed down and loved it! Thanks Dad!


slice bread

1 slice of bacon per slice of bread

1 slice of cheese per slice of bread

1 pineapple slice per slice of bread

Cook the bacon. Lightly toast the bread. Apply a pineapple slice to each slice of bread. Break a bacon strip in half and place the bacon across each pineapple. Then place a piece of cheese over the bacon.

preparing the sandwich

Place the prepared sandwiches under the broiler for a few seconds to melt the cheese onto the bacon and pineapple. Best served warm.

preparing the sandwich


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