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Let’s have conspiracy!

So for fun, let’s step into GW Bush’s head for a minute. Let’s add in a few prime time quality flash backs and replay some dialogs that Junior has had.

Senior’s End of Term

GW: “Daaddee. It ain’t right that you didn’t get another term.”

Sr: “That is how the political process works son.”

GW: “But it tain’t right. You watch! I’m gonna get your Cold War back! I promise!”

Flashback Pre-Election 2000

GW: “Daaddee. I thinks I wanna run fer president.”

Sr: “Son. I don’t think you have what it takes.”

GW: “Daaddee. It looks like a lot of fun. Neat toys! You can make some calls right?”

Sr: “Sure son. But you are going to have to listen to everything I tell you.”

Flashback Election 2000

GW: “I’m gonna lose! This ain’t right.”

*ring ring*

Jeb: “Hullo.”

GW: “Jeb. Yer the gov’ner. Make those votes right or I’ll tell everyone about that time I found you and Charlie nachid.”

Jeb: “Fixed.”

Flashback Pre-election 2004

GW: “This doggoned divided House and Senate makes my job hard.”

*ring ring*

CIA: “Thank you for calling the CIA. We fix things! Can I help you?”

GW: “Make sure that House and Senate is mostly Republicans.”

*checks polls*

GW: “This son of a gun has a chance!”

*ring ring*

CIA: “Thank you for calling the CIA. We fix things! Can I help you?”

GW: “How good are you at counting?”

CIA: “Good enough to tell you that you don’t need to pack your things for at least another 4 years.”

Flashforward Pre-election 2008

CIA: “Oh! Hello George!”

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