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When the skeltons fall out of the closet

I have often pondered whether or not my life is in order enough for me to die. If Cathy and I got killed in a car accident today, would I be ashamed to have relatives, friends, and estate movers go through my house. The truth of the matter is there are 2 or 3 things that I should probably give some attention to before I die. One, having pack ratted and kept unnecessary clutter, I should get fly and throw out a bunch of stuff or at least clean and organize.

Oh my God! How did they live this way?!

Truthfully, Cathy and I are both working at de-cluttering. A slightly larger house or a couple of room additions to this one would be helpful. So would a storage shed for bikes, outdoor toys and yard equipment.

Two, I have kept journals, deep dark inner thoughts released to paper to unclutter the mind. These thoughts, some irrational and most situational, simply would not make sense to readers other than myself. I would hate to have someone’s memories of me misconstrued by some misinterpreted readings.

The boy needed therapy!

Note to self: find a trusted friend that will sneak in and burn those things after my demise.

Three, The Drawer of Sex and Violence. Admit it! If you are an adult, you’ve got one too. Shoot. If you are a teenager you probably have one. Granted, it may only contain condoms (or small condoms), a playboy (after all, you’ll go blind!), a flashlight, or something else that helps you ring your bell.

In late summer several years ago, the county medical examiner was called by the police to view two bodies found in bed in a private home. The home belonged to a 39-year-old caucasian male whose body was one of those found in the bed. The other body was that of a 31-year-old caucasian female. The female body overlaid that of the male. It was obvious that the couple was engaged in sexual relations when they died. [Source]

I do not mind admitting that I have worked through a few pages of The Sutra. By after reading this, I now understand what people mean by kinky.

The deaths apparently were related to the use of an elaborate apparatus utilizing electrical current for stimulation. [Source]

Those poor people! But I guess if you are going to go out…well…no…that’s just not one of the ways I want my body to be discovered.

2 thoughts on “When the skeltons fall out of the closet

  1. Heh … it’s kinda like moving. All those people gettin’ their hands all over your STUFF, man! And ya aren’t even dead to avoid the embarrassment. either! But I have lead such a boring life, even my all-alone personal life … so to speak, that I had no such items of embarrassment. Having one’s boyfriend stand there with a box filled with uh, female thingies and ask “What do I do with these?” leads to some rather amusing ideas for responses though.

  2. We are moving in 2 weeks. I personally packed my GOODY DRAWER already to keep any innocent eyes from accidentally getting an eye full.

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