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Another wonderful Blogfest!

Friday night, Rich of Shots Across the Bow pulled together another blogfest. It was at Bailey’s which unfortunately has turned 21 and older only to circumvent Tennessee’s smoking ban. I had planned on spending 20 minutes at Bailey’s then getting Noah from karate practice and bringing him to the party. Barry, of Inn of the Last Home, brought the whole family only to leave them in the car at the same time I was running Noah back to the house. La Fonero had sent me a second wireless router to give to a friend. I was considering either using it to extend the range of the first router they sent me or hacking it. After getting a Seesmic invite to pass along to someone, I thought I’d give the router away too (which went to Barry). Rich and Eric got the Seesmic invites. And for grins I grabbed some Allaire swag and gave away some tshirts and a mouse pad. The Allaire swag is leftovers from when I was supposed to be putting together the Knoxville ColdFusion User’s Group. Others are planning on cleaning out their basements during the next Blogfest.

In attendance, Johnny-Oh of Closet Extremist, Eric of Straight White Guy (who has the coolest calling cards! that is, poker chips for his blog), Cathy of Domestic Psychology, myself, Lissa Kay of Oh Really, Rich of Shots Across the Bow, Craig Thomas of The Roundtable, Tam of View from the Porch and friend, Les Jones, and Barry of Inn of the Last Home (with family in car)!

I had a blast but fear I monopolized Eric. Certainly was nice seeing some new faces!

5 thoughts on “Another wonderful Blogfest!

  1. …. I had a most wonderful time…. I look forward to seeing you all again!…

  2. I will attempt to make the next one. Just let me know when it is. I am assistant coaching a 4th and 5th grade boys basketball team and we practice on Friday. That was my reason for missing this one. I know that I am not a blogging genius, so I will bring the bloggiing iq level down.

  3. You’re a blogging star! You were on tv!

  4. I was on tv, community access tv. Not on the six o’clock news like your wife. She is the blogging star!

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