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Iraqi Reporter Throws Reddit Alien at Bush

Bush sober enough to dodge it.

Iraqis rally for Bush shoe attacker.

Update: The shoe thrower has been beaten while in custody.
Update: Shoe thrower faces up to 7 years.
Update: Egyptian offers 20 year old daughter in marriage to shoe thrower.
Update: Shoe-thrower sorry for ‘ugly act’
Update: Thank you for throwing your shoe.
Update: December 31 trial date for shoe-hurling Iraqi reporter aka he had expected to be shot after hurling his first shoe.

6 thoughts on “Iraqi Reporter Throws Reddit Alien at Bush

  1. so much for all that hope-change feely- good warm gooey and fuzzy unity you libs all say you are wanting now that it’ your boy in the hot seat. your true hateful nature just can’t be suppressed, can it? it will be fun watching you squirm while barry hussein sotero obama dismantles the Constitution in ways you can’t even imagine and leads this country to complete ruin.

  2. the only way that the Constitution can be dismantled now “in ways [we] can’t even imagine” is for it to be repaired and restored back to its original condition. Damage is already done.

  3. Hate? I didn’t throw the alien. I also didn’t express an opinion one way or another about this event although I found it odd that the attacker was able to get two aliens off before being tackled. Where was the Secret Service?!

    Btw, the report of Bush drinking heavily in these final days comes from Wayne Madsen, a D.C. investigative journalist.

  4. Way to stay classy Doug…

  5. Jon, I’m laughing at you. I won’t try to explain, but you are hilarious. Keep on bein’ you, oh proud right-winger.

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