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The malware has been overcome and Reality Me is back! Now I just need to return to a blogging habit. I believe we are about to see a resurgence in blogging and a move away from Facebook and other centralized platforms. The challenge is getting readers and involvement. Facebook makes it easy to consolidate your media consumption while blogs the reader has to actively go visit different sites. RSS readers were supposed to help overcome this obstacle. We still need something akin to an RSS feed that puts all your media in one central news feed but a news feed that is controlled by the reader not the platform.
In other news, I destroyed the micro-usb port on my minidox on the primary controller. Turns out I can power it with the secondary controller and the only thing I seem to have lost is the LED lights under the board. More stream of consciousness to follow.

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Her: “My head hurts.”
Me: “Can you smell things? How’s your sense of smell?”
Her: “I smell things fine. Quit jumping to that conclusion. If I stub my toe, you aren’t going to take my temperature.”
Me: “But lack of coordination is a covid symptom.”
Her: “I hate this life! Go away.”

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Safe at Home

* Woke earlier than normal
* Discovered 4G was faster than my home network which was hindering my professional work
* Troubleshot and fixed network speed. The family should be thrilled
* Worked my 8-5 job, wrote a fully functioning website in 3 hours
* Picked up groceries from Kroger curbside
* Wired a new GFCI circuit in the house
* Went to sleep at 2am

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Do your civic duty

When I look at the Trump administration, I feel like the Russian government instilled a dictator the way the US government for so many years interfered with governments around the world and we’ve blindly let it happen.

The GOP all but admitted they’ve been ignoring the pandemic for blue states. Yesterday they rolled back auto pollution rules because the moron in chief doesn’t believe in climate change and our health doesn’t line his pocket and nobody noticed or cared.

Last week the EPA said fuck it, destroy what you want.

Do you think Roe v Wade will survive to November? Equal rights? Civil rights? Will we have an election?

And the gun advocates who claimed they need the second amendment to reel in an out of control administration aren’t doing a damned thing while the GOP throws the balance of powers out the window. If we the people allow this administration to continue unchecked, the free America you claim to love is ancient history.

Get mad! Get organized! Get in the fight!

We are all tired. That’s part of their strategy. Keep us distracted, poor and hustling, keep us broke and under resourced, and exhausted so we don’t have time to fight or care. But you cannot relent. You cannot give into apathy. Visit Call a politician every day. Make it something you do like breathing and brushing your teeth. See who is on the committees and let them hear your voice. A government of the people, by the people, for the people requires The People. Do not abdicate your power. We are Americans! We are one people, one tribe. You are not alone. United we stand! I implore you. Stand up now! Our nation needs you.

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A day in captivity

What have I done today?

  • Cooked breakfast of bacon, sausage, and egg
  • Worked a 8 hour stressful job in which my productivity was shot to hell by bureaucracy and a sluggish Internet connection
  • Fixed a problem for a client
  • Had an angry moment with a child for which I regret
  • Researched house wiring for electrical improvements in our home
  • Filmed a video
  • Refurbished a broken shop light
  • Cooked bratwurst, fried tomatoes, and a chocolate cake
  • Climbed in the attic to trace electrical circuits
  • Talked politics with the wife
  • Talked politics with the Internet
  • Performed garden research in preparation for planting
  • Settled in to read books and watch tv with the wife