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Weekend project

Vent pipe finally secured with a block and tackle on the roof and a hanging strap in the wall. If the block and tackle slips the strap will not let it fall.

Now I can return to demolition. Once the old pipes are out of the wall, the installation of the new pipes should be rapid.

Hanging strap in place to catch the vent pipe
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Where do you work remotely?

As a remote worker, I’m considering getting a van or RV to use as a mobile office. Most of the time, I would be working out of my driveway. What the pros and cons? Caveats? Can a van or RV be a stationary office for lengthy periods of time? Should I build an outbuilding instead?

With a van or RV, I could take my office anywhere. I could work anywhere. I’m not sure about just not sure about environmental controls and other upkeep that may be more easily handled with an addition to the house or a separate small building on the property.

If I went with a van or RV, an added bonus is that I could set up my ham shack in the van or rv and not bother the family with my radio noise.