Rebuilding Reality

Reality Me is long overdue for a rebuild. The design is out of date. The content is poorly organized and not very searchable. I think it would be fun to redesign this live. Instead of building on a dev server, I will change the layout and behavior of the site here and document the process as we go. Let’s start by writing down some goals.

Reality Me v2 Plan


  • Make posting easier and more engaging (this is one advantage Facebook has over blogging)
  • Easier for readers to become engaged
  • Separate content areas…premade filters per-se (ALL, Tech, News, Politics, Family, etc) Basically a set of categories in the navigation.
  • Consider giving the reader the ability to have the page load to a particular category or tag. Perhaps someone wants to read my reviews but is not interested in the poetry or humor sections.
  • Endless scrolling or other “better” page navigation
  • Improved search
  • Consolidate all social networks in one place
  • Pay for hosting and domain expenses via revenue streams. Potential revenue streams:
    • Google Adsense
    • Other ad programs
    • Affiliate networks
    • NO sponsored posts

Naturally, this is brainstorming right now and is subject to change.

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