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It’s the intention not the outcome

I found a blank journal I gave my daughter years ago. She decided not to use it and put it in our bucket of stuff to repurpose to others. In this case, I needed a blank journal so I repurposed it to me. It gave me a smile. A certain number of pages into the book, I’d written a note to my daughter. She never saw it but it made me smile twice. Once when I wrote it and again when I rediscovered it.

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Form habits

Learn something every day. It will keep you sharp. I’m lucky that my career field is constant learning. However, I supplement it with other things such as language learning. A few minutes study every day won’t make me conversational but it creates a habit which strengthens my willpower for developing other habits…such as daily exercise. For instance, I now feel guilty if I don’t do pushups first thing in the morning.

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Exercise is habit forming

As I slowed transitioned from sleep to wakefulness, my mind played through the various exercises I plan to do today including pushups, pull ups, jumping rope, rowing machine, and balance in conjunction with juggling. It felt good. Began the day with 15 pushups. I’ve consistently begun the day with pushups for about 2 weeks and now it is time to add more.

Instead of trying to accomplish everything at once, I’ve chunked my goals into very small tasks and am having greater success. I’m eating this herd of elephants one bite at a time.

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A most exceptional day!

My day began earlier than normal and included exercise at the beginning and end of the day. I had a productive work day and in the evening made good progress on my side work. I even went shopping with the wife instead of declaring I was too busy. I began seeds for my garden and came to bed earlier than normal.

I am quite pleased with this day.

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Paper wins

My favorite journaling is done on paper. I cannot search it as I could a blog but I find that I consistently can find information with relative ease. I use the Momento app for journaling privately on my phone. Just went back to review a day from 2023 and the pictures failed to load. I felt a loss at that. Similarly, links on the web die, youtube videos disappear, etc. I like how and keep cached copies of sites that I can return to. I wish WordPress had a similar feature. I’m a curator. While I appreciate the ephemeral, I prefer preservation. Is it the hoarder in me? I prefer to think of it as the historian in me. I began journaling because I didn’t want to lose memories. Ah, but that’s living in the past! No, that is appreciating where you came from. Reading the letters I wrote to my daughter when she was born brings tears to my eyes. I wish I had not slacked on that practice. Oh! There it is. Found the note I was looking for in my paper techo. Time to write some notes in my paper journal.