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My blogging is a creative publishing of a personal nature. In this publishing, views will be expressed that may or may not be my own. Writings may or may not be fictitious.

The attitudes, casualness, and language in these publishings in no way reflect how I handle myself in a professional setting.

It is my personal policy to avoid blogging about work unless it is non-proprietary, and non-company specific. I will blog about my work sector since technology is my fascination. Any blogging that is closely related to a work related project would either be in an educational setting, troubleshooting, seeking input, or demonstrating my skillset, and should never in anyway be proprietary or comprising to the project. Should any work related information or unwanted links appear within this blog, simply email juggler@gmail.com your concerns.

If you feel I have violated a company blogging policy, please let me know so that we can address the violation together as rapidly as possible.

Please read why I blog.

3 thoughts on “Employers READ ME

  1. […] Employers or prospective employers can use your blog as a reason to fire or not hire you. I know if I was considering an person for a job the first thing I would do is search for them on the Internet. Of course, if it was me, I’d give more weight to bloggers than to people who only gave me a resume and some scripted references. I encourage my employers and clients to read further. […]

  2. […] Employers READ ME […]

  3. […] Employers READ ME […]

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