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Go Vote! Today is important!

Today is Election Day! Make the time to vote please! We have all seen that everybody’s vote counts. Voting is a civic duty and is important to the democratic process. (For the asinine Stacey Campfields out there, "democratic" is not to be confused with the Democratic political party. Until fear mongering, constitution shredding, AT&Tism, and Homeland Security improprieties in the name of protecting your freedoms, completely erode it, you live under a democratic form of government. Specifically, the United States of America is a Representative Liberal Democracy.)

I also encourage you to print your sample ballot and, at the bare minimum, do an Internet search on the candidates you will be choosing. To go the polls and vote on someone because their name rings a bell, or one name sounds better than another is not helping anyone’s cause. Your wild guess may knock a potentially good candidate out of office. If you are in Knox County, your sample ballot is online. Print it, spend a few minutes researching your candidates, and vote knowledgeably! Remember, your employer is obliged to give you time off to go to the polls.

Update: See also: Video of me encouraging voting and far better video of Todd Jordan encouraging voting.

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