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Contact Me

Real name:
Doug McCaughan
Skype: djuggler
Cell: +1-865-898-7189
Google Voice: +1-865-686-8693
Snail mail:
Available upon request
Instant messengers:
MSN: dougmccaughan@msn.com also doug_mccaughan@hotmail.com
Y!: doug_mccaughan
AIM: jugglingdoug
IRC: djuggler (typically efnet, sometimes dalnet – see #coldfusion)


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2. Martha McIntosh 865-816-3676 - March 9, 2009

My Father has a Cedar Tree in his yard that he would let you cut down, the last storm we had made a big limb fall off & damage his roof so he want’s it down, if you are interested let me know, he lives in Lenoir City. Thank you Martha McIntosh