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I’m weary mentally and physically. My wife has the…

I’m weary mentally and physically. My wife has the doldrums and I can’t help her. I made decent progress on the wood but there is so much left to do. The time spent splitting could be so useful elsewhere. For all the pine, I’m considering just getting a chipper and making mulch. What’s sad is I still have another huge tree to fall. I should buy a splitter. I miss the days when you could gather 3-4 or more friends on a weekend and kill a major task.

I so wanted the yard or a portion of the yard preped for an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. This week may have to be split 50/50 between yard and contract seeking. Well like 20 yard, 20 work, 30 childcare, 20 crisis management and 10 household and other misc.

There’s a steak and a beer calling my name in the fridge.

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