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Two party system dying?

Oh yes. We hear it daily. Left! Right! No left! Way right! The words lip off people’s tongues like insults, "Democrat!" and repulsions, "Republican!" Some people do not totally agree with either party but choose one as the lessor evil. Will anything break the two party system? The Pirate Party thinks they will break the two party system! (or maybe it will be Neoroots.)

America’s two political parties may not realise it yet, but in their current form they are nearing obsolescence. As technological advancements continue to bring more and better tools for communication, citizens are increasingly empowered to come together in common purpose and reject the current political system that seems designed by the two parties to keep us apart.

[Source] (see also) (and democracy isn’t dying, democrats are)

Note: To read The Pirate Party, you will have to hold down your mouse and highlight the white box.

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  1. Until you break the advantages the powers that be have, you will not break the two party system. Ross Perot came about as close as anybody will get, and may have suceeded if he wasn’t such a nut case personally.

    Many have tried. All have failed.

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