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Quiting computers; juggling fulltime.

Before anyone asks, "Doug, why don’t you juggle this well?" I’ll explain that these jugglers are using mirrors, video edits, and wires to pull off such elegance. Of course, I’d be lying.

6 thoughts on “Quiting computers; juggling fulltime.

  1. “These people are much better funded than we are.”

  2. I could quit work, divorce my wife, move to the wilderness and do nothing but practice for the rest of my life – I will never be able to do what they do. Not even with mirrors and video edits.

    Sometimes watching them inspires me to work harder; other times it inspires me to give up & acknowledge I can never measure up.

  3. Fraggle Rock season one, episode 21 – Gobo quits his job to become a juggler.

  4. Search for them on YouTube and you will be amazed at some of the things these children, and they are children, can do juggling.

  5. You and I weren’t that far away. We were working 9 clubs at one point, 7 club singles with a low ceiling, had the telepathy going, and so forth.

  6. But with less slapping…

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