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Look Ubiquitous or Be Watched

Travelling? Think twice about taking a picture out the window at 30,000 feet. Don’t shift those eyes at the security gate! Definitely do not joke with the staff. These are things that could get you on Homeland Security’s watch list! Just like those annoying end of the month traffic violations that aren’t given to you to match a quota, federal air marshals "don’t have quotas."

The air marshals, whose identities are being concealed, told 7NEWS that they’re required to submit at least one report a month. If they don’t, there’s no raise, no bonus, no awards and no special assignments. [Source]

The top dogs deny it of course.

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  1. […] 5:15pm – Noah at Karate and the rest of the crew invading the local grocery. Did you know that you could get on Homeland Security’s watch list for taking pictures at the grocery? At least the way the managers watched me you would think I was at an airport taking pictures. […]

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