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Explosive Plot Was Ridiculous

The day they announced that terrorists were planning on blowing up airplanes and were thwarted I devised a wonder conspiracy theory. I love making up conspiracy theories but I don’t take them seriously regardless of how plausible they sound. (I have to link to this amateur video of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center because I opened it in a tab while looking for so all I was getting was sound and I thought I had opened porn…try it. Close your eyes and see if you don’t find yourself turning the speakers down!)

Anyhow, this computer security specialist says the liquid explosive plot was implausible. Think about how much fuel the airlines will save by the reduced weight of not carrying bottled milk, water and shampoo!

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  1. OK, I don’t believe the conspiracy theory… HOWEVER. Forget about the “weight” issue (after all people can still PACK things, just not carry them on), but think about how much the airlines stand to make a. from “overweight luggage” (which they charge for), and now with people not able to bring their drinks on the plane, think of what it will do to (overpriced) food and drink sales.

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