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Senator Ted Stevens Technophobe – Outted!

Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace it!

There’s a bipartisan Senate bill that would actually do something good for a change. S. 2590 would create a Google-style public database that would show who gets government money through contracts and grants. But a single anonymous senator has blocked the bill. [Source]

You guessed it! Looks like Senator Ted Stevens. You might recall Senator Ted Stevens as the guy who explained the Internet as "a series of tubes." He is in charge of regulating the Internet and Ted Stevens does not even get it!

It is worth noting that your government may not be living up to your expectations because the elected officials, the ones your vote or lack of vote put into office, are a bunch of old coots. And spare a minute and a half to see John McCain make Jon Stewart spew his coffee while discussing Ted Stevens. (The 3:35 version of the same interview.)

Redstate has further commentary regarding the Pork Busters legislation.

The legislation, also known as the “Federal Funding, Accountability, & Transparency Act”, would create an online, searchable database of federal earmarks. The database would list which member of congress obtained the earmark, how much the earmark is for, what the purpose is for, which local contractors are involved, etc. [Source]

3 thoughts on “Senator Ted Stevens Technophobe – Outted!

  1. awww c’mon Doug. What do you expect from a guy that before he decided to call the Internet “a series of tubes” was best known for “The Bridge to Nowhere.” This one he gets. He gets it just fine. He just doesn’t want his record thrown up in his pork barrel face.

  2. You called it correctly!

  3. […] When will the lawyers and the RIAA et al realise that the distribution of clips on mediums like YouTube only create benefit and popularity for the program, artist, album and so forth. Can old dogs like Senator Stevens just not learn these new tricks. […]

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