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Ouch. Comcast internet connection just went away. Reason? Scheduled maintenance for 5 hours! I have 2 critical deadlines tonight!

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5 thoughts on “Timeout!

  1. ***switching to helpdesk mode***
    I’m sorry sir, but the comcast cable package is designed for personal use only, and as such we do not provide guaranteed connection time per our TOS. Let me transfer you to the small business department to set up a professional account.

  2. I’m sure that is what they were saying but my shouts of “yippie! I can sleep!” drowned them out.

  3. Damn … last time they did scheduled maintenance, we were down for a whole day.

  4. And thus, I am no longer a subscriber to Comcast.

  5. I love their 6mbit downstream. I hate their 300kbit upstream cap. Who do you use?

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