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Why consider impeachment?

Personnally, I am not certain impeachment would lead to any better situation than we have now. I think Foley and friends are doing a better job than impeachment. I just can’t wait until 2008 but my fear is that this administration will have done such damage that whoever wins in 2008 will have a doomed 4 years. Their job will be to clean up the mess and this mess is going to take decades to correct. So, Bush Co. will create a law that will allow presidents to serve 16 years instead of 8; perhaps it will come in the form of "an ex-president can return to office for a maximum of another 2 four year terms." (I saw a reference that a senator has quietly started just such a bill but now I can’t find it) After the citizentry has a great disappointment in the 2008-2012 term since the expectations of that president will be totally unachievable, GW Bush will return to office from 2012-2020 or longer.

The reasons for impeachment given by

  • Illegal war
  • Illegal spying
  • Illegal breaking of Geneva Conventions
  • Illegal detention
  • Illegal release of classified information

Looks like the revolution begins on October 5th.

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  1. There are more than enough causes to impeach the bastard, but at the very least he should be censured, so he can no longer do things “on a whim” without the approval of Congress.

    If they did ever pass that Presidential Extentsion law – I’d bet Bill Clinton would run again. (And he would probably win).

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