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What is red?

The Devil is red. Blood is red. War causes bloodshed. Negative things are red like stop signs and "don’t do that" signs. Angry people turn red. The button Bush keeps his finger on is red. Raw meat is red. A misleading story is a red herring.The 48 continental are red link to another site. WHhhyyyyyyyyy!

3 thoughts on “What is red?

  1. The extras on LOST are red shirts.

  2. You know. I’m thinking Maine is looking good.

  3. I can’t help but wonder where they hell they got their data (The RNC perhaps? Karl Rove?). This does not match any dataset on GOP/DEM stronghold listing I have ever seen. It is not completely wrong, but definitely askew to the Red more (particularly on the coasts) than I have ever seen.

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