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So, you think YOU voted these people into office

The US government is so inbred that the same people have been running out country since the 70s…sort of. The Times Online UK edition explains.

Last week George W Bush was forced back — once again — to the protective arms of his father. They call the first President Bush “Poppy” in the family, and it captures both the authority and the slight daffiness of the 41st president. His first son always lived in his shadow — both deeply admiring him and deeply resenting him, the way dauphins often do their monarchs.

BY nominating Robert Gates to the Pentagon, Bush Jr was reduced to asking one of his father’s closest friends to clean up the mess. What was Gates’s last job? As president of Texas A&M University, Gates hosted Poppy’s own presidential library. What was his previous claim to fame? Poppy had appointed him CIA director. Poppy himself had been CIA director — manoeuvred into the shell-shocked institution after Vietnam by a wily young Donald Rumsfeld in the Ford administration. Gates was a CIA director’s CIA director. He was Poppy’s Poppy.

"Jeb, his younger brother, was always going to be president" so…think we will see Jeb in 2008? A Democrat controlled Congress cannot clean up W’s mess 6 years in the making in only 2 years but can the Repulicans spin those two years as "ineffective" and get the public to vote for another Republican president and Republican controlled Congress?

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