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Backup! I need backup!

Multimedia message

Why would 1 van need 8 police cars with lights flashing? The picture only shows four cars but there were four more.

Looked like a scene from the Blues Brothers.

Update: Word around the church is that the van was carrying 3 ladies that were high speed chased after shoplifting from Walmart.

6 thoughts on “Backup! I need backup!

  1. Did you see someone who looks like Keifer Sutherland anywhere nearby? If so, it’s time to head for the hills…

  2. Maybe they got that much response because it’s the shouldn’t-be-in-office Sheriff’s church? Did a helicopter hover overhead?

  3. I never looked up.

  4. Watch out. . . the guys in the van are probably bloggers!

  5. ooooo, must. not. make. snarky. comment.

  6. Sorry, only meant to allude to the previous blog about Guantanamo! 🙂

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