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Sarah Palin comes under the microscope

Now that Sarah Palin has been announced as John McCain’s running mate, people are being quick to dig up dirt. The first I came across was an insinuation that Sarah Palin, with her stance against abortion and birth control, promoting ‘abstinence only’ beliefs, is raising her daughter’s child as her own. iReport lists 8 reasons this may true including a picture. Daily Kos added commentary. Next, Palin denies global warming is man made and adds that Palin is no friend to the environment "once attacking McCain for his ‘close-mindedness on ANWR.’". And finally MSNBC chimes in with the ethics investigation: "Palin is under two ethics investigations springing from accusations that she abused her office to pursue a personal grudge."

Update: I think this is a good time to emphasize that we should remain focused on the issues and not on slinging dirt.
Issues that could arise from the baby (which honestly, as a Downs baby it seems more likely to be her baby than her daughter’s): stance on abortion, availability of birth control, and position on sex education in schools. What about honesty and disclosure regarding the child (presuming it is her daughter’s)? A non-issue as that is her personal decision and a simple matter of privacy.
Issues that could arise from denying global warming is not man made: Religion in government, Decision made on religion vs science, teaching of creationism instead of evolution, Kyoto Protocol, environmental choices such as drilling ANWR, mountaintop removal coal mining, drilling the protected coastal shelves, energy policies, war on middle eastern nations for control of oil, clean energy vs nuclear.
Issues that could arise from the ethics investigation: misuse of power, integrity, trust in our leaders, open government, privacy of citizens, Patriot Act

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