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McCain Endorses Obama!

Not really but John McCain just scored some points in my book. Well handled John! Watching this video was like watching a character actor step out of character. I’m still voting for Obama but McCain showed some class.

"[Senator Obama] is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared about as President of the United States," he said, before adding: "If I didn’t think I would be one heck of a better president I wouldn’t be running." [Source, The Huffington Post, McCain Faces Backlash Over Rabid Crowds and Source, TalkingPointsMemo TV, McCain Tries to Tame Flames He Earlier Fanned (YouTube and Talking Points Memo site)]

3 thoughts on “McCain Endorses Obama!

  1. Wow, that’s pretty awesome. The prevalence of conspiracy theories in this election is extremely sad, and I’m glad McCain’s refuting them rather than just leveraging them for support.

    In that video, McCain reminds me of an elementary school teacher or principal trying to reason with unruly kids. It’s sad that you have to talk to adults like that.

  2. It’s nice to see at last John McCain standing up to who is really is, a decent person who does not want harm to anyone, just become president. And starting to realize that his fans are not acting smart nor decently. Who would want to be elected by hateful scared people?

  3. Kudos to him for doing this. Boo to his campaign–Palin in particular–for first fanning the flames.

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