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Megabus status – the deep blue sea

Megabus status: My 9 year old traveling companion decided a trip to the water closet was in order. My only experience to allow me preconceptions is airplane lavatories with their tight confines, lack of sound proofing for the nearby passengers, and sucking whoosh of the blue cleansing of the stainless steel bowl. I sent the youth in first and am glad he returned. The Megabus lavatory compared to an airplane is rather spacious with white polished fiberglass surfaces not dissimilar to my home bath. This one in particular was remarkably clean. The big difference is that the Megabus toilet resembles a portapotty where the airplane has a stainless steel bowl with a flap that opens upon flushing to let you play bombardier and pretend you’ve just launched something on the unsuspecting persons 30000 feet below the bus instead has the same stainless steel but the opening is large enough to lose a child to the sloshing blue sea of yuck.

In other news, the driver read about my how pleased I was with the air conditioning and turned on the heater.

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