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Drag Time Story Hours are about acceptance which is why Republicans hate it

Saw this comment on Reddit and thought it may help people who may be wondering why drag time story hours exist. Once you understand this you may question why the GOP wants to attack such a thing.

“[Drag time story hours] are times when local drag queens will read stories to children while in costume. As one would guess, these stories tend to be focused on accepting people who are different and promoting positive self-image for people who don’t fit the standard mold. They started for just this reason – to help children see that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are different than other kids.

Keep in mind that drag is not inherently sexual – it is just men dressing in flamboyant female costumes. There is nothing sexual going on at these story hours.”

“That last bit is important to remember. They’re performers and they do a different act for a different audience. Bob Saget, for example was super wholesome on Full House, but his standup act was absolutely filthy. Drag queens are the same way: they’re entertainers who can do a different act for different audiences.”

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