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Today’s Letter to Tim Burchett

People in the United States, I encourage you to stop replying to people of power in social media. Instead, every time a congress person or elected official puts out a statement in social media, contact them via phone or email. They can ignore your social media replies but should not ignore your emails and phone calls.

I am a constituent of Mr. Burchett. At 5:14pm on 4/18/2023, Mr. Burchett Tweeted “I went to the Treasury with some of my @GOPoversight colleagues to go through documents related to the Biden family’s shady business dealings.

I can’t get into specifics just yet, but I suspect a lot of people are very nervous at the thought of these things coming to light…”

I want Mr. Burchett to stop embarrassing Tennessee and to focus on issues that matter. If Mr. Burchett wasn’t willing to prosecute or hold account the criminal Trump, then he needs to quit with the same on Biden. Tweeting with ambiguity like “I suspect a lot of people are very nervous at the thought of these things coming to light” is sensationalism and designed to rile people up. This is childish and not to the level of propriety expected of a congress person. Put out a statement when you have facts to share not gossip.

That brings us to your job. Instead of making up issues for political purposes, please focus on issues that concern Tennesseans. Do your job as if you are not going to be reelected and you want to leave a wonderful legacy. Tennessee wants you to address gun safety. We are tired of children dying and wasting money on LEOs in school is not the solution, arming teachers will only get more people killed faster, turning schools into prisons is a horrible idea as it scares children instead of making them feel secure and a scared child is a child that will act out. Permitless carry is crazy. We need background checks, training, regulation, and no one needs something that spits lead at 45 rounds per minute. We need public education fortified in Tennessee instead of privatized. Dick DeVos on Dec 3, 2002 described to the Heritage Foundation that charter schools and vouchers can be used to destroy public education. Moving tax dollars to privatized schools is nothing short of theft. Tennesseans want gerrymandering ended and voter rights prioritized rather than suppressed. Tennesseans want the attack on drag shows ended. Drag shows are not harming children but every week we see another news article about priests and Republicans abusing children. Tennesseans want mass transit not toll roads.

I personally want you to look at the actions of Governor Bill Lee and objectively ask why he is turning Tennessee into a fascist state. Do something to save our democratic republic. Do your job! You are a congress person not a FoxNews host. You have plenty of meaningful work to do. Stop wasting your time and my tax dollars on political theater!

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